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  Capricorn and Aquarius is the original love each other before a pair of bottles for Capricorn love with the warmth of love, a warm hand holding the bottle Capricorn face, Capricorn innocent smile, the love that moment confirmed the love. Playing of the hands and feet were a virgin, Capricorn hates playing the most scheming, and the bottle was misunderstood, but the Capricorn because of love embodies.
   Virgin reconciled, the joint balance,Nike TN Chaussures people mistake the bottle out affair, this is the most intolerable Capricorn! He was too fond of the bottle, and decided to quietly put out. Then Virgin offer love, Capricorn left the earth with her palace, but the Capricorn is impressed not love, so then on each constellation Capricorn girl does not matter. But met the bottle, he installed contempt, and even water bottles and avoid ... and then innocently waiting, suffering from the beginning to stimulate the degradation, the heart still is Capricorn. So the love of the bottle always obsessions (Morocco) love each other as rapidly as the junction (JI) beam, they are destined lovers puma chaussures hommes are always police shoulder and off. Capricorn will protect the bottle but can not accept, but the fate of the bottle became Capricorn lover, Capricorn has been that the bottle should be the compensation he was suffering from pain; but when the bottle disappears, the Capricorn will understand no one around to replace can not bottle position. Capricorn really love the bottle, stick it on the love, and humiliation of falling in love to. Until death, Capricorn will understand: you next life as a lover again.
   God is fair, Capricorn will love the bottle, would love, he will understand that feeling of love I see. So now the reality is: Capricorn, and Aquarius is like a kind of love love like before, but they are not the results.
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